Cookie Policy

1. What types of cookies are set?

We use cookies for many reasons; primarily to monitor how visors use our website and where we get our traffic from. We also use cookies for functionality reasons.

We also use cookies to provide us with feedback about how people use our website so that we can improve the customer experience.

2. How long they persist on your user’s browser

Cookies will be stored in your browsers memory for each browsers stated retention time or until you clear your cookies. To clear your cookies go to your browser settings and remove the cookies you no longer wish to have stored.

3. What data they track/the categories of personal information collected

Each cookie has a different function. We categorize cookies into 2 buckets:

  • Essential: These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the website. They are first party cookies which means we do not share any information with other organisations.
  • Functional: These cookies are about site performance. Allowing these cookies will improve your experience.




5. How to reject cookies and or delete them

We only use the essential cookies for website performance. We do not use cookies for profit gain via marketing nor to gather information on you other than where you found our site and what pages are visited. This is to allow us to monitor performance and audience. By continuing to use the website after being prompted with the cookie use agreement popup, you agree to this use of cookies. Should you still wish to not accept these minimal cookies, you can do this by turning off cookies in your browsers setting, and to remove them by going into clear history > clear cookies.